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Volume XVII Issue 52
December 30 - January 5, 2014
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Pinal County
The Area’s Largest Newspaper
Superstition Mountain Country
Apache Junction
Gold Canyon
This week’s
Sunny and clear with highs in the low 70’s
and lows in the mid 40’s.
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Due to the holiday
our office will be
closed Tues.,
Dec. 31 at noon.
Thurs., Jan. 2.
New Year!
A Look
Back at
The Apache Junction Po-
lice Department (AJPD)
began 2013 with an investi-
gation into the murder of an
Apache Junction business-
man who was found in his
shop on January 8.
John W. Murrell, 63, own-
er of Watches, Watches,
Watches at 2033 W. Apache
Trail was found dead inside
the store at 11 p.m. Tuesday,
Jan. 8, after police respond-
ed to a welfare check, ac-
cording to Chief Tom Kelly.
Investigators said the victim
was killed with a gun.
Murrell’s car, a 2005 Black
PT Cruiser, was also miss-
ing from the business.
Two suspects were arrest-
ed the following month but
weren’t immediately iden-
tified “in case additional
suspects were involved,”
according to Kelly.
The name of Darrin J.
Craig, 44, of San Tan Val-
ley, was released when he
appeared in court on March
25. Craig was officially
charged with 1st Degree
On April 24, 2013, a sec-
ond suspect was booked
into the Pinal County De-
tention Center and char-
geed with First Degree
Murder. Thomas Salois,
62, of Phoenix was held
without bond.
Salois was originally ar-
rested in Feb. by Phoenix
AJ Business Owner
Robbed & Killed
Investigation leads to arrest of 2 men
Thomas Salois (above)
was arrested April 24 and
joined Darrin J. Craig
(below) who was arrested
Feb. 5, charged with the
murder of John W. Mur-
rell at his Apache Junc-
tion store on January 8,
For Apache Junction Po-
lice Chief Jerald Monahan,
accepting a conditional of-
fer to head up the City of
Prescott’s police department
all came down to location.
He and his wife, Shelley,
were scouting possible re-
tirement locations in Prescott
in early fall. Two months ago
the Prescott chief stepped
down from his position. That
was an intriguing notion to
“It’s the location in the
state that we’re inter-
ested in,” Monahan told
Apache Junction/Gold
Canyon News
Monahan was chosen for
the Prescott position from
a pool of 30 applicants. He
replaces Andy Reinhardt,
interim chief of police.
Longtime chief of police
Mike Kabbel retired in De-
cember. Monahan has more
than 30 years of public
safety experience. He was
Police Chief Takes
Prescott Job
Chief Jerald Monahan
recently inducted as Arizo-
na Association of Chiefs of
Police president.
He earned a master’s de-
gree with an emphasis in
public safety management
as well as a bachelor’s de-
gree in public safety admin-
istration from Grand Can-
yon University.
Monahan was named
Apache Junction police
chief in 2008.
January 14th
Looking back
-February 4th
police during a traffic stop
that turned up stolen prop-
erty. He has been held in the
Maricopa detention facility
since then.
continued, A-2
January is the time of resolu-
tions. Whether you have de-
cided to be more active, lose
weight, read more or volun-
teer in your spare time, the
City of Apache Junction can
help you achieve your goals!
Apache Junction Parks &
Recreation offers various pro-
grams including special inter-
est opportunities and group
sports. The Multigenerational
Center (MGC) is a nationally
recognized facility with exer-
cise equipment, fitness pro-
grams and other classes relat-
ed to wellness. Not only is the
MGC conveniently located,
there are varying fee struc-
tures to fit your needs ranging
from daily passes to annual
passes. The enthusiasm and
knowledge of the staff will
keep you motivated all year
long. For additional informa-
tion, please call (480) 983-
2181 or visit
TheApache Junction Library
offers a variety programs in
addition to having great
books. If you received a new
e-reader, there are programs
to help you learn how to use
your new gift. You can also
access the Greater Phoenix
Digital Library and Zinio, an
online magazine source, all
through the Apache Junction
The City of Apache Junction can support your success
Have You Made A
New Year’s Resolution?
Library. If you did not receive
any new gadgets for Christ-
mas, you can check one out.
For a full list of programs and
events, please visit
org, or call (480) 474-8555.
If your resolution was to vol-
unteer, the City of Apache
Junction has many great pro-
grams that thrive because of
dedicated citizens donating
their time and talent. Volun-
teers can provide assistance at
the Paws & Claws Care Cen-
ter working directly with the
cats and dogs, serve the Police
Department as an Auxiliary
Patrol member, or help out
with the many great programs
through Parks & Recreation
and the Library. If you are in-
terested in volunteering,
please complete the volunteer
application at
on the Human Resources page
or contact (480) 474 -2617.
The City of Apache Junction
wishes you success in whatev-
er your NewYear’s resolutions
may include, and happy 2014.
Be sure to visit the Multigenerational Center (above)
and the Apache Junction Public Library (below) to
help you succeed with your 2014 physical, recreation-
al and intellectual resolutions.
Known as the “Will Rogers
of Arizona,” Marshall Trim-
ble will bring his unique
brand of Arizona history, hu-
mor, songs and stories in
“Trimble’s Tales” as AJUSD
launches its 2014 Arizona
Lecture Series at Apache
Junction High School’s Per-
forming Arts Center Monday,
January 6.
Serving as Arizona’s official
historian, Trimble is one of
the state’s most popular and
colorful personalities and fre-
quent guest on stage, radio
and television, as well as a fa-
vorite resource for newspa-
pers and magazines on all
matters concerning Arizona
and Western history. Trimble
is also a prolific writer with
Arizona Lecture Series with historian Marshall Trimble
Trimble Speaks In AJ Jan. 6
some 19 books to his credit
Arizona, a Pan-
oramic History of a Frontier
, and
Roadside History
of Arizona
. Another great Ar-
izonan, Barry Goldwater,
Marshall Trimble
once wrote: “Arizona’s color-
ful history is alive and well
with Marshall Trimble.”
Lectures begin at 7 p.m. in
the Performing Arts Center,
located at 2525 S. Ironwood
Dr. on the campus of Apache
Junction High School. Indi-
vidual tickets are available for
$5 and may be purchased at
the door, or online at www.
ajusd.org by clicking on the
‘Community’ tab, then ‘PAC
Tickets.’ Season tickets are
also available for $50 per per-
son. The 2014 Arizona Lec-
ture Series continues Monday,
January 13, with “Teddy
Roosevelt Returns” by Joe
Wiegand. For more informa-
tion, call (480) 982-1110, ext.
AJ Tests New Speed Humps
Traffic calming program adds removable devices to lot
The City of Apache Junction
Public Works Department
is responsible for manag-
ing the city’s traffic calming
program. Speed humps were
recently deployed in two lo-
cations within the west city
hall campus in an effort to
decrease speeding. The type
of speed humps utilized al-
lows for their removal with-
out damaging the roadway,
versus speed bumps that
are made out of asphalt and
cannot be removed without
damaging the road. Public
Works will have the ability
to remove the speed humps,
maintain the roads and place
the speed humps in the same
location. The speed humps
slow traffic more gradually
than traditional asphalt speed
bumps. The speed humps uti-
lized come in three sections,
and advantageously allow
the wider axle of emergency
vehicles to pass through them
without having to slow their
emergency response.
For more information about
the speed humps or traf-
fic calming program, please
contact Heather Hodgman at
(480) 474-8500.
King & Queen
A Look Back
At Sports!
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