Wyatt Earp

As an added feature, Wyatt Earp, an acclaimed performer and relative of the legendary Wyatt Earp, will offer fascinating stories about Superior’s history, including a short play entitled, “Life on the Frontier."

On January 25-26, 2020, the Superior Chamber of Commerce will present the 12th Annual Home & Building Tour. This unique event will offer attendees an opportunity to explore the eclectic collection of homes and buildings found in the quaint, historic mining town of Superior. The tour will also feature an antique show, handcrafted pottery for sale and performances highlighting the history of Superior.

A once-struggling town, Superior is in the midst of an amazing resurgence due, in part, to the Chamber of Commerce’s mission to “Rebuild Superior.” The town has earned a reputation for giving new life to old structures, some of which will be on display for the tour. For example, attendees can visit a beautifully refurbished adobe home representative of those that were widespread in the past, as well as a historic red brick “mine house.” Boasting solid construction and majestic views, Superior’s block-long row of mine houses are now highly coveted

Back by popular demand is the magnificent, historic Hotel Magma, circa 1913, whose doors were reopened to the public in early 2019. The beauty and detail of the hotel and its tea room are a “must see,” along with the small jail tucked behind the building.

The Magma Club, a community center for Magma Mine employees that once hosted dinners, dancing and boxing matches, will house the annual Antique Show. The show will feature quality antiques that are sure to please and bring memories to attendees as they relax and listen to live music on the veranda of the historic building.

In addition to these intriguing properties, the Home & Building Tour will feature fascinating stories about Superior’s history, including “Life on the Frontier,” a short play presented by Wyatt Earp, an acclaimed performer and relative of the legendary Wyatt Earp. Mattie Earp, the common law wife of the elder Wyatt Earp, is buried in Superior

Mata Ortiz Pottery

For art lovers, the tour will showcase exquisite, handmade pottery from the village of Mata Ortiz in Mexico. 

For art lovers, the tour will showcase exquisite, handmade pottery from the village of Mata Ortiz in Mexico. The artists themselves will be bringing a load of their beautiful wares to the event. Weather permitting, pieces will be fired in an open flame during demonstrations. It’s hard to resist taking home a piece of this special pottery!

Forging a vibrant future while retaining its distinct charm as a historic mining town, Superior will soon proudly feature a world-class mine. In this region of Arizona, “copper is king,” and will continue to be for many years, as more and more uses of this precious commodity are discovered.

Visitors to Superior will enjoy a bounty of shops, restaurants, art galleries and outdoor activities. Attendees of the Home & Building Tour can purchase tickets for two great days for only $13 prepaid and $15 at the door. As a bonus, tickets also include a two-for-one pass to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and a two-for-one pass to the Renaissance Festival.

The tour will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 25 and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, January 26. For more information, visit superiorarizonachamber.org, call 520-689-0200, or stop by the Superior Chamber of Commerce at 165 W. Main St., Superior, Ariz. 85173

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