"The News" Floor

Old newspapers, decoupage and several layers of polyurethane made a newsworthy new floor for Tim and Robin Joyce, Apache Junction.

While it isn’t unusual for people to enjoy reading The News while sitting in the kitchen, few of them will do so while lying on the floor. But that’s exactly what Tim and Robin Joyce’s granddaughter does, while Grandma Robin asks her, “Where’s the dog? Can you find the hummingbird?” The Joyce’s floor is “tiled” with old copies of The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News.

The Joyce’s moved to Newhaven Estates in Apache Junction about a year ago. The 1964 trailer they moved into had not been updated, and the tile in the kitchen was coming up. When they pulled up the old flooring, it left a lot of the mortar behind. They couldn’t remove it, and it left the floor too uneven to tile over. They needed a creative solution.

“I’ve always been ‘crafty,’” Robin told The News. “I was going to paint the floor to look like a billboard for Apache Junction, but then I found this idea on Pinterest to refinish the floor with decoupage. With several layers underneath to help smooth over the lumps and bumps of mortar, Robin used a mixture of 1:2 Elmer’s glue and water to coat the papers and stick them to the floor. She then coated it with six layers of polyurethane. “It was a lot of work,” she said. “I’m not 21 anymore!” But they love the end result.

And it is a conversation starter! During a recent visit to their home on an unrelated matter, a firefighter with Superstition Fire & Medical District recognized his face in one of the stories. “They were all finding each other in the newspapers on the floor!”

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