Marjorie Wells - Classroom

Marjorie Wells shares her petting zoo and teaches students about agriculture at Tonalea K-8 in Scottsdale.

Back in April, Marjorie Wells was named 2019 Arizona Teen Miss Agriculture USA. In June, she traveled to Ohio to compete in the very first National Miss Agriculture USA competition and was named 2019 National Teen Miss Agriculture USA.

Wells, an Arizona native and Apache Junction resident, was selected from 50 candidates. The competition included a business interview, a public speech on agriculture, state AG wear, an introduction, formal wear and an impromptu question.

Marjorie Wells, Crowning

Marjorie Wells, National Teen Miss Agriculture USA

“As Miss Teen Agriculture USA, I “AGvocate” for Agriculture in a positive manner,” said Wells. “My main goal is to keep agriculture alive in the schools, bringing agriculture education into the cities more often and helping to educate all the people around.”

Since holding her title, Wells has participated in a water bottle drive for the Phoenix Rescue Mission, volunteered at fairs and represented her title at the Arizona Cattle Growers Convention and the Arizona Farm Bureau. Her favorite part of “agvocating,” though, is visiting elementary and junior high schools with her animals and talking about agriculture.

“Did you know that farming is only 2% of agriculture?” she asked. “There is so much entailed in the industry, such as mechanics, clothing production, marketing and public relations! I really enjoy going into the schools that may not get much interaction with agriculture and teaching them lessons of how agriculture is all around us.

“Growing up in Arizona, there were always farms around me, but I was a city kid; I didn’t understand much about them. As I grew up, my passion grew, and I continued to grow my education in agriculture. I am now in my 4th year of vet science in high school and am looking to attend college next year to get a degree in Agricultural Education or Animal Science.”

Wells is a part of Renegades 4-H in Maricopa County. Her interests include swine, rabbit, dairy goats, cavy (guinea pigs), woodworking and leadership.

Miss Agriculture USA is a new non-profit agriculture promotion organization featuring queens of all ages to promote, celebrate and educate about all the diverse aspects of agriculture.

If you would like Marjorie to make an appearance at your event, please contact For more information about the Miss Agriculture USA organization, visit #WeAreAJ

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