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The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News Team is working remotely to continue serving our community with the hyper-local news focus that affects your everyday lives! ~ Left - Trish Hoagland, COO; top right, Trish Beltran, Graphics; bottom right (larger), Dana Trumbull, Editor; screen capture by Shandi Bartnett (bottom right), Office Manager

It’s been 17 days since The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News team decided to work remotely for the sake of social distancing. I miss seeing my tribe, but overall, the transition has gone well. My yoga room made space for my office and is now lovingly dubbed ‘The Yoffice.’ It’s an interesting mix of nature and technology, yet still peaceful, and I’m grateful.

I’ve found, that if I lean to the left and sit up straight, I can see the sun’s rays spilling over the northern most corner of the Superstition Mountains from my window in the mornings. I’ve also been watching a pair of Towhee and a Wren working in tandem to catch bugs as they come out to bathe in the warmth.

Each time I see them working together, I smile. It reminds me of the amazing things our community has come together to accomplish over the last several weeks. COVID-19 hit us hard, and so many of us are scrambling to pivot, in both our personal and our business lives. Yet we are coming together to help one another in a way that can only be described as inspiring.

Today, we printed and delivered the last hard copy edition of The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News. It’s bittersweet, but I’m hopeful for our future and confident in the way we’ve prepared for this eventuality.

My parents started their first newspaper (The Bulletin) on a single 11 x 17 yellow piece of paper, folded in half, in 1992. By 1994, it was 10 pages. In 1997 it grew to a full sized broad-sheet newspaper and became what is now, The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News. Now, in 2020, The News will go all digital, and we are ready.

We have an incredible website that’s visited by more than 3,500 visitors daily, who view more than 100,000 pages monthly. Our e-Edition has been, and will continue to be, uploaded to our website every week. There, readers can flip through an online version of the paper and then browse the site for more expanded local, state and national news.

Our Pledge

  • We will continue to work hard to fine tune the news to deliver the topics and decisions that directly impact the everyday lives of our readers and to provide the stories and the hyper-local focus that can’t be found on the larger valley networks and news outlets.
  • We will continue to work hard for our fellow small businesses and provide them with high visibility online platforms, so they can reach their current customers, as well as potential customers.
  • We will continue to expand online advertising & marketing opportunities at affordable prices, because we understand that now is the time to help.
  • We will continue to collaborate and partner with local businesses and non-profits to provide resources for our community, our readers and our advertisers.

Today, 28 years after it began, I stand by my mother’s side, with my daughter at mine, and I wonder what The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News will be for her and her children in 2050. We don’t know what tomorrow looks like, but I am sure our new “normal” will be quite different than it’s ever been. Whatever happens, we intend to be here to serve you.

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Thank you for continuing to keep us informed! I will miss holding the hard copy in my hands 😊 but this is the next best thing. With Appreciation, Gold Canyon

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