Students of the Month - April 14,2020

The Apache Junction Unified School District Governing Board room, 1575 W. Southern in Apache Junction, may have been empty due to the school closure from COVID-19, but the 10 AJUSD students of the month were not forgotten.

The board meeting was broadcast virtually, and all of the students who were selected to be students of the month were praised for their achievements. The students included: Chelsea Garcia and Christopher Proctor from Desert Vista Elementary School, Hailey Abreu and Dominic Ortega from Four Peaks Elementary School, Dominic Chavez and Jade Davis from Peralta Elementary School, Ciaira Anderson and Isiah Savoie from Cactus Canyon Jr. High and Nicolas Moorhead and Natalie Delintt from Apache Junction High School.

Below are excerpts from the presentation:

Chelsea Garcia: Chelsey is always putting a smile on people's face. She makes friends with anyone she comes in contact with. It has been amazing to watch Chelsey come into my classroom and the changes I have seen with my students. They all adore her, and she brings a type of unity among them. Chelsey works hard and has shown growth in her work. I am so proud of her for adapting to all the new things around her with our learning environment. She is a wonderful young lady who brings out the best in others!

Christopher Proctor: Christopher is a hard working student who always has a positive attitude. He does his best on anything that comes his way. I watch Christopher show kindness to those around him, and I have never seen him make someone feel bad about anything. He has a huge caring heart. I appreciate all his hard work that he puts into his school work and friendships.

Hailey Abreu: Hailey is one of the most pleasant students to have in class. She has such a calm demeanor in and out of the classroom. Hailey brings a high-level of achievement in all her subject areas. She has proven to be a great athlete in PE class as well. She goes well above the requirements to complete her work. With little to no instructions, Hailey could problem solve any assignment to figure it out, then help classmates. She is a great classmate in that she collaborates with a team to accomplish any and all tasks. Hailey was instrumental in assisting the teachers in organizing and maintaining my computer cart. The junior high is gaining an amazing student who brings so many outstanding qualities with her.

Dominic Ortega: Dominic is always actively engaged in stories that we read aloud as a class and is consistently willing to participate in classroom discussions. He is always focused on whatever assignment is being worked on in class. Dominic is also one of those students who can work through any assignment with very little guidance, but uses his problem-solving strength to figure out the tasks. Dominic has a silly side to him that few get to see, yet it comes out at random times. He was instrumental in assisting students in creating vocabulary superhero posters for science class. Dominic has a very creative mind. He knows how to problem-solve and help others with his thinking methods. He’s a wonderful friend and always has a positive outlook.

Dominic Chavez: Dominic is a caring, hard-working individual. He is very conscientious in his work and shows well-developed work habits and study skills. He is willing to help out in any capacity, even without being asked. He is friendly to all of his peers and doesn't have a negative thing to say about anyone.

Jade Davis: Jade is always smiling and is looking to help whoever she can. Jade works hard and always tries her best. Every morning she comes in to help get the class ready for the day and always makes sure she remembers all the different parts of the schedule so her fellow students do not miss any of their classes. Even with troubles she might have, she always brings attitudes up and not down. Since the schools have closed, she has shown up to many meetings to say "hello" and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Jade has always completed her work and this habit has continued throughout the closure. I am very proud of her and she should be proud as well.

Ciaira Anderson: Ciara is an exceptional example of a CCJH Cougar. She is a talented athlete, excellent musician, advanced student and a kind person. She is always prepared to help students around her or to offer a kind word to anyone who needs it. Her teachers say she is pleasure to have in class, and we are very proud of Ciara!

Isaiah Savoie: It’s not often you meet students like Isaiah. Isaiah is respected by his peers. He is in advanced academic classes, is an exceptionally talented football player and a generally kind student. He is an AVID student and in this role has supported and helped develop student welcome programs, spent his own free time helping students with special needs and can be found helping his peers. Isaiah embodies what we want a Prospector to look like, and we are proud to have him as a student.

Nicolas Moorhead: Nick is a great kid all around. He takes care of academic business, competes in sports like a true gentleman and is very kind to other students and to teachers. He has every reason to be very proud, yet he is a humble young man. Nicolas is kind to his fellow classmates and is so good at welcoming our new students. He never hesitates to do and complete the tasks we ask him to do. He always shows his Prospector Spirit and participates in Spirit Week. Nicholas is a fantastic student, a great person and a talented athlete. He is our student with the highest GPA in the senior class and is very deserving of this recognition.

Natalie Delintt: Natalie is such an exceptionally hard-working student. She has such attention to detail and takes her time with everything she does. She always puts her best effort forward and is such an academic rock star. Someday she will be a rock star in the hospital or doctor's office! She always has the best attitude no matter what is going on. She keeps things so positive, never complains and is supportive of her peers. Natalie is a fantastic kid and works so well to not only further her own success, but is helpful to others. Natalie has aspirations to work in healthcare and will make an outstanding contribution to our world in this capacity. I am so proud of this young lady; a true prospector through and through.

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