Woodbury Fire Closure Map - 080219

According to Carrie Templin, Public Affairs Officer, “Apache Lake has reopened to boaters, as have some of the camping sites in the areas. Some trails near Gold Canyon have also reopened, although a majority of the Superstition Wilderness and the surrounding area remains closed through the remainder of the monsoon season.” 

On Friday, August 2, the U.S. Forest Service issued a press release modifying the previous notice concerning access to Apache Lake and several trails in the Superstition Wilderness.

The press release states: The U.S. Forest Service, Tonto National Forest, working in close cooperation with the Arizona Department of Transportation have changed the portion of State Highway 88, Apache Trail, allowing Apache Lake to reopen to the public.

The only way to access Apache Lake is by approaching Apache from the Roosevelt Lake area, taking State Highway 188, and turning south on State Highway 88 to the lake turnoff.

State Highway 88, remains closed between Apache Lake Overlook and Fish Creek Overlook.

“I appreciate the public’s patience during the extended fire suppression efforts of the Woodbury Fire,” said Neil Bosworth, Forest Supervisor, for the Tonto National Forest. “While we were able to reopen Apache Lake and some of the areas around the lake, potential flooding concerns prompted me to keep areas closed through the remainder of the monsoon season.”

The revised Woodbury Fire Area Closure will also modify the closure boundary on the southwest side of the Woodbury Fire, allowing the public to once again travel the western end of State Highway 88 to Fish Creek Overlook, and allow for limited hiking opportunities near Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.

Along with Apache Lake, the following areas are now open:

  • Three Mile Wash Shoreline Area
  • Upper Burnt Corral Campground
  • Burnt Corral Campground
  • Apache Lake Marina
  • Peralta Trailhead
  • First Water Trailhead
  • Broadway Trailhead
  • Crosscut Trailhead
  • Black Mesa Trail (#241)
  • Heiroglyphic Trail (#101)
  • Jacobs Crosscut Trail (#58)
  • Peralta Trail (#102)
  • Prospectors Trail (#57)
  • Second Water Trail (#236)
  • Siphon Draw Trail (#53)
  • Terrapin Trail (#234)
  • Treasure Loop Trail (#56)
  • Bluff Spring Trail (#235) is open from Peralta Trailhead to the junction with Terrapin Trail (#234).
  • Dutchman’s Trail (#104) is open from First Water Trailhead to the junction of Peralta (#102), Boulder (#103), and Bull Pass (#129) Trails. The Trail is closed from the Peralta Trailhead side.
  • Boulder Trail (#103) is open to the junction with Second Water Trail (#236).

Due to the risk of flooding the following sites will remain closed until September 30, 2019, unless the closure order is rescinded or extended based on conditions:

  • Davis Wash Shoreline Area
  • Crabtree Wash Shoreline Area
  • Lower Burnt Corral – is closed to vehicles.
  • Trails within the Superstition Wilderness, with the limited exceptions above.
  • Roads leading toward the Woodbury Fire from State Highways 88 (Apache Trail), 188 (Roosevelt), and US Highway 60.

The closure order and map can be found at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/tonto/alerts-notices/?aid=53158

For specific questions about sites open or closed near Roosevelt Lake, please call the Tonto Basin Ranger District Office at 602-225-5395, or for information about trails near Gold Canyon, please call the Mesa Ranger District Office at 480-610-3300.

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