Authorities Seek Help in Solving Saguaro Thefts

These saguaro were left laying on the ground, after residents discovered and reported the attempted theft. This is just one of a series of saguaro thefts in the area.

Federal authorities are seeking the public’s help in spreading the word about a series of saguaro cactus thefts in the Apache Junction area. Saguaro cacti are a protected species in Arizona. No part of the cactus may be removed without a permit.

The cacti were easily dug out because of the wet winter, according to Rob Vaitkus, a special agent for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Vaitkus said that thefts have taken place at different locations on BLM, which the city leases for hiking trails around facilities.

“It is beyond awful to see our beautiful resources damaged by careless, opportunistic people,” said Liz Langenbach, director of the Apache Junction Parks and Recreation department. “We want to help our partners at the BLM any way we can. If anyone has any information about these or any other theft, please contact us.”

City park rangers and police continue working with the BLM to investigate the thefts, and parks staff replanted those cacti that could be salvaged. The city leases BLM land in several locations, including Prospector Park and the Rodeo Grounds.

Vaitkus said any details or observations are welcome. Contact Vaitkus at 602-621-1089 or at

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