Christmas in July at Community Thrift Store

Unexpected treasures and creative displays abound throughout, giving the store a boutique feel.

Opening day of “Christmas in July” at the Community Thrift Store will be Friday, July 5. Volunteers and staff have raided the boutique’s back room and storage sheds to bring out the holiday stock, and festive displays throughout the store will greet you with a Christmassy vibe, while showcasing the merchandise for sale.

Throughout the month of July, the store, which is owned by the AJ First Assembly of God, will offer 25% off of featured merchandise, posting the categories of the day at the front of the store. But that’s not the only way to save. Every Monday is Veteran’s Day, offering vets 25% off; Thursdays are Senior Discount Days (25% for 55+) and every other Saturday brings a 50% discount!

Like a bottomless Christmas stocking, hung with care, all proceeds, year round, go to support ministries and organizations such as the Hope Women’s Center, CAAFA, Genesis Project, the Men & Women’s Teen Challenge and more. “My goal is to have $10,000 per year that I can distribute to charitable agencies,” stated Store Director Reverend Brenda Brakeman. The church’s long-range goal is to fund a faith-based recovery home that will help people overcome the issues that bind them in poverty, addiction and homelessness, so that they can choose to move forward in their lives.

The store is small, but well-organized, neat and clean. The typical thrift store odor is completely lacking, enhancing the pleasure of the treasure hunting experience. Little bags of essential oils tucked into unobtrusive spots throughout the store also add to the ambiance.

Unexpected treasures and creative displays abound throughout, giving the store a boutique feel. For example, the Community Thrift Store has gained a reputation for great values on glassware and china. “Young adults don’t put the same value on fine china,” explained Brakeman. “It’s not that they don’t appreciate it; they just have no use for it. So we get a lot of china and boutique glassware from estates. The heirs know that we will treat these beautiful pieces and sets with the care they deserve, sell them to someone who will appreciate them and use the profits to help others in our community.”

Volunteer and staff routinely research the value of many items, including the fine china. Items of higher value may be consigned to eBay. Books are searched by ISBN and those with higher value are sold in the store at specialty or vintage pricing.

Buy yourself or someone else a present or donate your gently used items to CTS – because your purchase is helping your neighbors – visit the Community Thrift Store, 555 W. Apache Trail, Ste B, Apache Junction, AZ. Call: 480-982-3649 or email: for more information.

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