Family can mean many things to anyone. It can mean a mom, dad, siblings and grandparents. For others, family can mean a deep relationship that fosters a sense of community.

For employees at the Pinal County Family Advocacy Center, The Giving Trunk Foundation is family. A very close member of their family.

“They have helped the Family Advocacy Center purchase equipment necessary for medical examinations of patients with concerns of sexual and physical abuse,” Forensic Nurse Manager Tascha Spears said. “We are pleased to have the people at The Giving Trunk Foundation partner with us to make sure we are able to complete our mission.”

The Giving Trunk Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity based out of Gilbert. Their mission is to support Family Advocacy Centers, non-profit organizations, state and local agencies, along with law enforcement agencies to help children who have been victims of abuse. In the past, the organization’s donations have helped the Family Advocacy Center purchase a centrifuge, and another check for $3,380 will assist with purchases of other specialized medical equipment.

Terri Arenas, founder and president of The Giving Trunk Foundation says that the organization tends to focus more on helping out with the cost of counseling.

On Friday, July 19, Arenas, along with other Board members of The Giving Trunk Foundation paid a visit to Pinal County’s Family Advocacy Center in Eloy. During their visit, they dropped off a tub of Beanie Babies. During a small ceremony dedicating the medical exam room to the “Giving Trunk Foundation,” the first question asked from Arenas, was “Do you need anything else?” The answers soon started centering around needing snacks for children, coloring books and gift cards. Arenas was jotting down the answers for a future visit.

Marilynne Whitfield, an administrative specialist for the Family Advocacy Center, summed up the day by saying: “They treat us like family. Whenever we ask for something, they are there for us.”


Eloy Family Advocacy Center

4045 Coolidge Ave., Eloy, AZ 85123

San Tan Valley Family Advocacy Center

33622 N Mountain Vista Blvd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142

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