Chuck Gray for Board of Supervisors

Pinal County Election Specialist Dana Lewis

Accepts Former. Senator Chuck Gray’s Election Documents. (Photo courtesy of

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors may soon see a new but familiar face, due to today’s announcement by former State Senator Chuck Gray to run for the San Tan Valley District 2 seat on the county board.

The 8-year veteran legislator served in the Arizona House of Representatives, the State Senate and was elected by state senators from across Arizona to become the Senate Majority Leader where he served for two years.

“We need an experienced leader who lives among us to represent our growing community,” said Gray. “San Tan Valley’s population is over 100,000. That’s bigger than Casa Grande and Apache Junction put together. By 2030 our population is expected to grow to almost 120,000 residents. We need a new vision and a new direction for San Tan Valley and we need it fast.”

Gray, a San Tan Valley resident in Johnson Ranch and longtime advocate for better government, also served more than 10 years as an Arizona Police Officer and 4 years as Congressman Salmon’s Arizona director. “My background and hands-on experience helping the people of Arizona spans more than 22 years of dedicated service and makes me uniquely qualified to listen to, respond to and resolve the challenges we see in San Tan Valley,” said Gray.

Gray also noted the growing local concerns regarding crime, traffic and lack of local jobs in the area that he said he will address if he wins the seat.

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