Peralta Trail Elementary School Principal Natalie Clement introlduced the Volunteer and Employees of the Month at the Tuesday, October 24 Governing Board Meeting.

Volunteer of the Month: Jacqueline Gatewood

“Ms. Jackie is truly interested in the students and she takes the time to get to know them and their needs,” said Clement. “Not only is she the grandma we all want, she is willing to share her vast knowledge and expertise with our staff and students alike. In addition to her expertise in the areas of children and learning, her creativity and fresh approaches are a valued commodity. Ms. Jackie’s consistency and care helps students know they can depend on her.”

Classified Employee of the Month: Ashley Shonley

“Nurse Ashley works hard to make our school a healthy and safe place for students to grow and learn. She is kind and compassionate with our students and does what is best for them, whether they see her for medical reasons or not.

“Ashley has been a lifesaver to colleagues where help is needed with students, be it medically or behaviorally... She has definitely gone above and beyond her duties as the school nurse to help us out with anything we may need.”

Certified Employee of the Month: Suzanne Decker

“Suzanne always puts the kids and school first. She is constantly striving to help students be the best versions of themselves.

“She acts as a leader on our campus and is always willing to help and lend a listening ear to a coworker. She is very knowledgeable and humble and has a great positive attitude. Her colleagues find that she is a great team member and she has gone above and beyond to fulfill duties that most definitely are not required.

“Suzanne has also gone out of her way to reach out to colleagues beyond office hours to check on them and their well-being.”

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