Megan Nealy

Megan Nealy: Imagine Prep Teacher of the Year

Megan Nealy was named as the 2019-2020 Imagine Prep Superstition Teacher of the Year. Ms. Nealy has been teaching for 14 years, and this is her 4th year at Imagine Prep Superstition.

Nealy currently teaches AP Biology, Anatomy, Forensics and Student Council. She also serves as the science department head on campus, coordinating department meetings, analyzing data and working closely with colleagues to establish and monitor the science department goals.

She has helped to create district pacing guides and is instrumental in helping to propel the science department forward toward implementation of new statewide standards.

Julia Reed, principal at Imagine Prep Superstition, says, “Megan Nealy creates innovative and engaging lesson plans for her students, founded upon inquiry-based learning. She is an asset to Imagine Prep Superstition and is well respected by students and colleagues.”

Ms. Nealy’s students consistently experience rigor in her classes in a hands on way. She embeds real life application in her lessons and labs and has found over the years that “the rigor does not impede my relationships with my students; in fact, it does the opposite. They adopt a growth mindset and develop resiliency and perseverance that are a necessity in adult life.”

The AP Biology data has skyrocketed, with more students choosing to take the class and the exam with more and more students ultimately passing the exam and earning college credit by doing so. Her contribution to the expansion of Imagine Prep Superstition’s student council program has afforded students a variety of leadership experiences.

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