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Over the last few days, nearly 120 Arizona firefighters and 34 engines arrived in California to lend a hand on multiple wildfires burning across that state.

On Thursday, October 24, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management received an initial order for ten engines to head to California. On Sunday, California fire officials asked for 24 more.

In total, 34 engines and nearly 120 firefighters are in California and assigned to various roles. Twenty-four of the engine crews are prepositioned throughout California. Some of those crews are staged in anticipation of new fire starts while others are acting as backfill for local departments. The other ten engines have already been assigned to various wildfires.

As California braces for another wind event in the next few days, it is likely they may request more resources from Arizona.

Firefighters are on a minimum 14-day assignment.

Arizona fire departments represented include, the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, Avra Valley, Beaver Dam-Littlefield, Buckskin, Christopher Kohls, Concho, Corona de Tucson, Elephant Head, Eloy, Fry, Golden Valley, Green Valley, Helmet Peak, Mesa, Mohave Valley, Nogales, Northwest, Patagonia, Pine-Strawberry, Pinetop, Pinion Pine, Rio Verde, Sedona, St. Johns, Summit, Sun City, Sunnyside, Sunsite-Pearce, Surprise, Taylor-Snowflake, Timber Mesa, Tubac, Verde Valley, and Vernon.

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I'm a native from CA who happily, now live in AZ. I hope CA is billed for AZ services. CA is a wealthy state but when emergencies come up, they cry "wolf", getting federal money so the corrupt democrat politicians can give themselves raises. It's a courteous thing to offer professional firefighting services to CA in this time of need; however, it's just an opinion, that someone should make sure CA is billed for AZ firefighters for their services. If you've noticed, there are videos showing how Paradise and Santa Rosa fires were deliberately started using DEW's. Also, there was a picture of a car's rims having melted with it running down the driveway. Some of the fires in CA are burning at 1800 degrees to melt tire rims with normal, natural fires apparently burning at only 1000 to 1500 degrees per one comment I saw. Other pictures show houses being burned down but trees and other vegetation left in tact. predicted that the UN globalists would target No. CA to set it on fire and force people to move from rural areas into cities. Interestingly, the people in Paradise and Santa Rosa were mostly Republican voters. Several people observed that fires are being started in different areas at the same time with about 340 fires going on simultaneously in CA at the same time. Also, chemtrails are known to leave nano metal material, making fires burn hotter. Firefighters are saying that the fires in CA are burning hotter and spreading faster. Knowing that CA has been taken over by corrupt Politicians, the UN, and foreigners, I hope CA pays AZ firefighters for their services. By the way, it's suspicious that PG&E is owned by the Rothchild's, known globalists and one-world government advocators. CA governors bailed PG&E out, raising fees to pay for PG&Es lawsuits revolving negligence over downed power lines that they admitted, caused at least two fires.

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