It was announced last week that the community’s go-to spot for help and support will be expanding both its space and hours of operation.

The Community Resource Center in Apache Junction has operated for the past two years at the Genesis Project, 564 N. Idaho Road, Suite 5. In September, the Center will be moving to a new location at the same address, but across the parking lot to Suite 11.

Those needing the Center’s social services—filling out of DES forms, applying for mental health services, legal aid, health checkups, and employment support—will be able to receive help at the new location. City of Apache Junction’s Homelessness Coordinator Heather Patel announced the plans on August 14, 2019.

“The Genesis Project has been a gracious host for the past two years,” she said. “Although a collaborative effort within the community, The Genesis Project has taken on a lead role in pushing this valuable service forward and making certain resource information is available to ALL members of the community.”

Patel says “The new location will provide two spacious rooms to provide expanded service to the community, while also providing a more private space for our providers to discuss personal information. Additional services will also be made available in this location, including a clothing closet and additional personal items, including food for pets, a computer with internet access for job searches and resume building, and – coming soon – a mini post office so our homeless residents have an address to gain access to benefits and employment.”

The Community Resource Center is open to anyone in need of services and does not require any financial qualifications. The United Way of Pinal County and the city of Apache Junction are teamed up with the Genesis Project on this vital program that benefits local citizens.

Other agencies are also invited to contribute services. If you or your agency wishes to have a space at the Community Resource Center, please email Heather Patel at

Patel says the calendar for September is now being created. “Because of the new location, the hours will be modified to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and will be open when a service provider is scheduled,” Patel informed current providers. “If you are currently scheduled on Mondays, a confirmation of your commitment would be appreciated. This will ensure our schedule is accurate and provide our agencies an opportunity to reevaluate their schedule and make adjustments.

“The September schedule will be completed by August 28th in order to post the information for our guests and advertise on the center’s Facebook page” #WeAreAJ

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