The month of August in Arizona means back-to-school, long hot days and Labor Day Weekend. Unfortunately, the hot weather and distraction of back-to-school also spells increased risk for child drownings. Water related incidents tend to peak in the month of August, and every year we work to educate the community so the message stays fresh in late summer.

Superstition Fire & Medical District joins Phoenix Children’s Hospital in asking Arizona families to take the right steps today, to save a child’s life. It’s as easy as ABC:


Active, Undistracted Adult Supervision. Adults must have eye-to-eye contact with children at all times and be within arm’s reach. Reading, texting or talking while children are in or around water is not active supervision.


Barriers are anything and everything that come between the child and the water. This includes pool fences with self-latching gates, window and door alarms and you!


Coast Guard Approved Life Vests & Classes. Small children should wear Coast Guard Approved life vests anytime they are near the pool, and everyone in your family must know how to swim and know CPR.

Drowning is our nation’s #1 cause of unintentional death of children under the age of five years old. Since January, 2019, the Valley of the Sun has seen 100 water related incidents with 25 deaths, including 4 who were children under the age of 5. Although none of the drownings were from Apache Junction, all of them were preventable.

More than 50% of drowning survivors treated in emergency departments require hospitalization or transfer for further care. These non-fatal drowning injuries can cause severe brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities.

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