Supervisor House Meets with Gold Canyon Residents

Pinal County Supervisor Todd House met with residents of Gold Canyon last week to provide updates on new developments in the region and answer questions about the county’s role in future planning. The meeting at the Gold Canyon United Methodist Church on Kings Ranch Road was well attended, and the open mic…

On October 17, Pinal County Supervisor Todd House, County Manager Louis Anderson and State Land Commissioner Lisa Atkins met with approximately 110 Gold Canyon residents at the Gold Canyon United Methodist Church to discuss issues relating to the “Plan Gold Canyon” efforts.

House informed residents that the idea of a plan similar to the San Tan Valley Plan is not feasible, because there is too little private, undeveloped land in the area (only 3% of land in Gold Canyon is privately owned).

State Trust Land, managed by the State Land Department, takes up the bulk of land in the area. They will work with a community, and Commissioner Atkins assured attendees that they do desire a dialogue in the future needs of communities; however, the department is bound by their statutory requirement to maximize the revenue through the sale or lease of the land. Bottom line: they will listen, but they can’t guarantee cooperation with residents’ input.

Roberto Reveles and Lew Hanson then presented a “Plan B”: to work toward organizing a community group, using the existing Gold Canyon Coordination Committee as a base to form a non-profit Community Development Corporation that would represent all of Gold Canyon in the development of projects and priorities for the area. The group would be recognized by the County Board of Supervisors.

The committee asked for greater participation by the community and requested that residents sign up for the email distribution list at

The Gold Canyon Coordination Committee meets every first Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. in the Methodist Church Mission Center. All community members are welcome.


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