On July 27, 2019, life was stirring at Dinosaur Park in Gold Canyon. With the help of local Boy Scout Troop 970, friends and family, ten signs labeling local plants were installed at the park.

My desire to help visitors learn about their environment and to improve the park for future generations inspired this idea for my Eagle Scout service project. With advice from the Association for the Development of a Better Environment (ADOBE) of Gold Canyon, our group worked and installed signs near plants with the common name, scientific name and facts about each plant.

Although the ground was rough and rocky, the day hot, and no one could sleep in on Saturday, the crew worked without complaint. The signs are spread throughout the park and are a step toward revitalizing Dinosaur Park. Two ashtrays were also added to mitigate litter and prevent possible fires. We do not want to see another devastating event like the Woodbury Fire.

The Eagle Scout service project is the most challenging and beneficial part of becoming an Eagle Scout. You have to find an organization outside of scouting and work with them to lead others and help the community. The whole project has to be approved, not only by the organization that it is benefiting and your troop, but also the larger scouting district.

After your project is approved, you can begin work. You plan, raise funds, lead and eventually complete the goal. This project involved leading a group of 20 people working with the project’s beneficiary and making sure that everything was clear and met expectations. The effort included more than 90 hours of service in the two-week time frame. I feel that the outcome was a success.

The project could not have been completed without the guidance of my great leaders, the help of my scout troop and the generous donations of Not Your Mom’s Creations and Screen Print AZ.

Please stop by Dinosaur Park and learn some facts about plants that you see every day and pay tribute to this accomplishment of today’s youth in the Boy Scouts of America.


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How can I request dedication to my son who passed due to SIDS he loved the butterfly park. Symbolic as well it's a well known symbol of SIDS awareness

Reply: We are sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can send a note with your request to the ADOBE Board, at ADOBE, 6499 S. Kings Ranch Road, Suite 6 Gold Canyon, AZ, 85118.

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