Detective Jewell Awarded

L-R: SAR President Robert Hodsden, Detective Stephanie Jewell, Admiral James Symonds, AJPD Chief Thomas E. Kelly

Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) Detective Stephanie Jewell was awarded the Arizona Society Sons of the American Revolution (Palo Verde Chapter) Law Enforcement Award. Detective Jewell was chosen to be honored for her professionalism and dedication, which has led to several successful prosecutions, including one high profile case in which the primary suspect received a 160 year prison sentence. Detective Jewell is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division and specializes in sex and child crimes.

The ceremony took place in Mesa during a breakfast award ceremony where United States Navy Admiral James Symonds (retired) was the keynote speaker.

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) is a professional organization that tries to keep the fervor with which the members’ ancestry fought for and gained our independence in 1776. A SAR member must be able to trace a bloodline to an ancestor who helped in the Revolutionary War. Further, they must be able to document this lineage through birth, death, marriage, etc. SAR members are very proud of their heritage and they strive to serve their community through the honoring of public service and educational ventures promoting patriotism. SAR is dedicated to keep these high values, virtues and memories of their ancestors alive.

Chief Thomas E. Kelly stated, “Stephanie is one of those officers who consistently strives to do her best for the department, the city and, most of all, the victims. This she does while thinking of how to serve the victim better and reduce the potential of re-victimization. I congratulate her on receiving this prestigious recognition and SAR for their selection of a humble and appreciative recipient.”

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