Apache Junction Rated #12 Safest City in AZ

Rates listed are per 1,000 residents. The state of Arizona has a current violent crime rate of 4.7, which is higher than the national violent crime rate of 3.7. Apache Junction is at 2.0.

Apache Junction has been ranked as the 12th safest city in Arizona, according to the annual report compiled by SafeWise, a company that designs and develops home security, automation and child safety products.

The report states that incidents of both violent crime and property crime are significantly less in Apache Junction than the national average and continuing to decline (see graphic). Notably, AJ reported 0 cases of rape or murder in the current period reviewed.

Neighboring city, Mesa, improved its ratings this year, sliding into the top 20 list at #20. The violent crime rate in Mesa for 2020 was 3.6 (improved from 4.3 in 2018) and dropping to 19.9 in property crime, improving from 23.4 in 2018.

Rankings are based on both violent and property crime numbers per 1,000 residents.

According to their website, Safewise uses FBI crime statistics and US Census population data to rank the safest cities in each state and across the country. They also include demographic information and the results of a Safety research study.

See the full report HERE.

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Tess Nesser

WHOO HOO...way to go Apache Junction. Our community is not only safe...but, it is friendly, beautiful, and just a fun place to live, work, worship and raise a family.

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