Uncharted Territory

Today, we are all facing uncharted territory – dangers that are unfamiliar to anyone in recent generations and mixed with conditions that make it unique to all of us. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all our families, communities and businesses – and yet, we rise up to meet the challenge with courage and care for our neighbors. Even as social distancing expands, separating us physically, we see new bonds growing to cross the void. 

The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News was founded on the premise that our community needs to hear all the news - the good news, as well as the challenges. And we feel privileged to have served you for 23 years with stories of selfless volunteerism, community events and the achievements of our children, as well as news from our businesses and organizations and factual information about our city and county proceedings. We work hard to fine tune the news, delivering the topics and decisions that directly impact the everyday lives of our readers… the stories and the hyper-local focus that you won’t hear on the larger valley networks and news outlets.

In the historic times we suddenly find ourselves living through, people want and need focused and reliable information. Our team has been working day and night to bring current, accurate information from all levels of authority and to relay the changes affected within our community. With information changing daily, and even hourly, much of this data has been online. As a result, in the last 6 days alone, our website has had more than 27,000 views – evidence that more and more readers are realizing the value of our hyper-local content and the ease of access afforded by our online presence.

Each week we upload the content of our paper to our website www.ajnews.com. Most stories are posted as we receive them, making them accessible even before the print edition is released. On our website, you can flip through our E-edition (the online version of the hard copy news) or browse the site for more expanded local, state and national news. You can even subscribe to receive email links to the E-edition and/or headlines that allow you to link to the specific stories that interest you.

We know you’re experiencing the financial, social and emotional stress caused by the coronavirus. We are struggling with the same difficult decisions faced by our neighbors. As local businesses have been forced to temporarily close or cut back, our advertising has suffered. In response, we are expanding online advertising opportunities to help our fellow small businesses increase their outreach at affordable prices.

None of us knows when things will return to normal, or even what normal will look like, but whatever happens, we intend to be here to serve our readers, our community, our advertisers – our neighbors.

As we rise to care for one another, we also ask that you consider donating to help us continue to bring you factual local information. Contact Trish Hoagland, trish@ajnews.com, with questions, or CLICK HERE to go directly to our donation portal.

Thank you for your support and feedback throughout these many years. We appreciate you.

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