Pam Burks

Pam Burks

What is a Community?

It’s a geographic area: The Superstition Mountains that include Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and Queen Valley. The Superstition Mountains majestic beauty captivates us, and it makes us feel connected and special. Every neighborhood community shares in the beauty of the Superstitions. Our neighborhoods and communities are part of the whole: strong families build strong neighborhoods, and strong neighborhoods build strong communities, which builds personal fellowship and pride.

Our community consists of individuals, families, businesses, services, amenities, volunteer-options in the many clubs and non-profits; all this creates the sense of belonging. Without the amenities, services and volunteer options, we are islands.

A community gives people a sense of shared identity. We are together. The sum is bigger than the individual parts. This shared identity matters, because it takes the group beyond the individual.

So it is of critical importance for us to be there for each other – to call, text or FaceTime with family and neighbors.

When social distancing is lifted, we must go out in full force and re-connect with family and friends; go out and eat together, buy goods and services to keep our local businesses alive. 99% of the businesses in America are small businesses. Visit our hometown restaurants like Kokopelli’s, The Prospector, Waffle On-In, Gold Canyon Café, Wahoo’s, Chens, Great Wall, Gold Stallion, Rubes Café and De La Cruz, along with our fast food chains.

Why wait to get projects done? With very little contact, one representative can visit you (at a distance), and you can have companies like Monsoon Roofing (480-699-2754) check your roof before the monsoons come. You can order shades, screens, shutters from Budget Blinds (480-497-7247); epoxy floors, paving, concrete work with I Epoxy Floors (480-620-6184) and so much more. Go to for a list of local business partners that serve your community.

To keep informed of local news, The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News has provided steps for you to receive daily and weekly news right to your email. Follow the steps below to get connected:

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Stay safe and enjoy some quiet time together, spend some time viewing our Superstition Mountains and walking in the fresh air and listening to the birds.

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