I read an opinion article stating that “once again” AJUSD was going out to voters to ask tax payers to fund their “over-enthusiastic budget”… REALLY? I don’t know how to be anything but “over-enthusiastic” when it comes to this community and when it comes to these kids and teachers. They deserve all the passion and enthusiasm we can muster!

It got me thinking though – what is “too much” to ask for?

How about replacing busses that have completely aged out… with new ones that don’t leave our youth stranded on the highway or at an away game when they break down? Is that too much for our kids to expect? How about A/C in our classrooms when it is 115 degrees outside and they are crammed into a room with 35 other adolescent bodies? Do we think having a track and field that is safe and free of craters/cracks is important? For PE classes? For a track team that we expect to compete and feel pride in themselves and their school?

Here’s one that I wonder about – how about keeping up with technology? I don’t know many successful workplaces that don’t do everything they can to update important software, tools, and systems on a regular basis. So why would we expect any less for our young people and the the rockstars tasked with educating them?

Are safe and secure facilities too much to expect? Is that something a community should help provide for their youth? I’ve heard many gun advocates (and take it easy, we like our guns too) say it is the school’s responsibility to protect kids from mass shootings. The funding asked for will update facilities and technology that you didn’t have to have 20 years ago to keep the bad guys out.

So in answer, YES, our public school district is asking “once again” for this community to tell our kids they are worth every dime and more that we can invest in their education… and that yes, we believe they deserve a safe, secure, and effective institution to be educated within.

Watch the video… it’s 10 minutes long but well worth educating yourself on the needs in our schools. Better yet, take one of the school tours listed on the district website to see for yourself. www.ajusd.org

You can also see their improvements and planned expenditures for each school here.


Here’s where you can learn how to get involved and help… we need champions… missionaries really…over-enthusiastic voices for our kids and our community.

If you don’t have time to do any of that, then just vote yes with me on the AJUSD Bond and Override measures.

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