During the most recent Democrat debate, the leading presidential candidates continued to push out their visions for the future of our healthcare system, but this time, I’m glad that they were actually asked how it is going to be paid for. Most of the candidates want a massive overhaul that gives us an overbearing and inefficient government-run system. Whether they are talking about something like Medicare for All or a public option, it’s funny when they are confronted with the little pesky problem that is paying for it, or even with the realization that this type of system has already failed. The state of Vermont tried to enact a single-payer system, and it failed due to the high taxes involved, the lack of significant savings, and the unpopularity of people not being able to pick their insurance plans. For anyone looking to be the next commander-in-chief, they need to realize that their policies may sound good on the big Democrat stage, but do not work in the real world.

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