Learning from Disaster

The Washington Nursing home was a disaster, but can we learn from it. It was a disaster because the virus came in contact with a subset of our population which are at HIGH risk. As the virus spreads these deaths will not be centralized and interspersed result will be normalized by the sickened but surviving members of our community. ICU beds will be quickly overrun with ederly Covid 19 patients and room for those who normally would be in ICU will disappear.

What if we create volunteer safe zones for currently healthy seniors? Wuhan is still in quarantine because of the long incubation period of the virus. Will we be quarantined less because we live in the US? Being quarantine for such a long time alone would create emotional scars not needed and provide confidence to stay in their quarantine for older Americans.

Limit the groups size( 10?), they could fit into existing large homes, no forced quarantine. Church groups might get together, community groups like trailer parks, senior centers, activity groups, and neighborhood could set up, self quarantine groups. These groups need to find designated contact people to assist in providing supplies, maintaining information to the outside world, and other needs as they arise. Throw the idea out to the public to organize on their own now and to enact if they feel concerned later.

Kenny Cail, Lakeside, AZ

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