We’ve paid insurance premiums to American Reliable Company (Adams Agency and Diamond State) for 18 years for our home. In July and August we were on vacation for 5 weeks, when we got a call from Arizona Water Company on 8/6/19 saying we had very high usage. We found 640,000 gallons went over the floors in our house, $4,300 worth of water.

On 8/12 American Reliable sent an adjuster who came and took pictures, but said he didn’t need any pictures of where I showed him the water came out of the house in three places, where the cement and the ground was still wet after the water had been shut off for six days. Adjuster and I had to go outside five times to get fresh air because the temp was 100+ and the humidity was 100% inside the house. In his report he said the water never got against the outside walls and that it was just in the center of the house that was damaged. They wrote us a check for $34,000.

Our attorney at the time tried very hard to get contractors to come out and give us bids, to no avail. On 11/5/19 we got a bid, but it took until 1/5/20 to hear from the insurance company that they would not accept his bid. It was too high and he found things wrong that the adjuster didn’t mention. Now on 3/1/20 they sent out a restoration company with 5 machines, after 8 months, to dry out studs, sills, and floor supports that have been up against wet insulation. That should have been done on 8/12/19.

We are living in a tent trailer in the backyard since 2/8/20 with no running water. I’m 80 and the wife is 78, who had a bad stroke.

Harley Suko, Apache Junction

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