I see in the most recent edition of the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News that the ADOBE folks are pushing for those of us in Gold Canyon to sign a petition that they will deliver to the AZ DOT supporting a route 60 by-pass. While I am sympathetic with their desires and motivations, I wonder how deeply they have dug into the several issues involved.

When I check their maps of where the proposed by-pass might go, I see that it goes smack through the Superstition Vistas project controlled now by the State Land Trust which project was cobbled together by a consortium of folks from Mesa, Apache Junction, East Valley partners, Pinal County, Maricopa County etc., note that the input from Gold Canyon must have been through the Pinal County supervisors who are developer beholden.

So, a few questions, have the ADOBE road folks considered that the State Land Trust folks might be concerned about building a by-pass road through what they seem to be in charge of? Should the petition go not just to AZ DOT but also to the State Land Trust organization? Have the ADOBE road folks really dug into this deeply enough or is this some sort of amateurish superficial effort to get lots of folks to sign a petition destined to be of minimal value?

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