This is my response to Mr. Waldon’s response to my letter of two weeks ago regarding AJ’s and Pinal County “veteran friendly” offerings. With all due respect to Mr. Waldon I am well aware of what AJ has done to “promote itself” to our current veteran population and to others that might be looking to relocate. It’s called “marketing”. And knowing that Mr. Waldon has political ties to AJ I understand where he’s coming from. But, to me, there is more to what I initially stated that could be more important to our local veteran’s as well as incoming ones. That is property taxes.

Did Mr. Waldon ignore my comments about that intentionally just to highlight his issues ? Has Pinal County and its Board of Supervisors ever considered a property tax exemption for veterans and disabled veterans ? And I don’t mean exemptions based on how destitute one has to be. I think any veteran property owner would be “interested” in a monetary tax exemption than a visit to a memorial park, a parade or what other “commercial” things. It’s the pocketbook where we all (for the most part) need assistance, and not superfluous items.

As previously stated, many other states offer veterans a variety property tax exemption based on their status. Exemptions from an amount based on property values all the way to full property tax exemptions for 100% disabled veterans. You may be financially set and property taxes not a problem, but there are many veterans out there that are not. “Talk” to me about that Mr. Waldon instead of coming down on me on your biased politically-based issues. I feel you should be more attentive to veterans issues than you are to city-based image issues.

Jeff Blewitt, Gold Canyon


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