It would have been nice if Mr. Blewitt has taken just a little time to check on the tremendous amount of support, especially AJ gives to it’s Veteran population. I have lived here for 27 years and Veterans Memorial Park was already built, we just did out 33rd annual Veterans Day Parade with total support of the City. The City helped all they legally could to open the Vet Center which is established through VFW Charities, AJ is designated a Purple Heart City. While not obligated to provide any support, AJ goes over and above and many of us Veterans appreciate that!

Pinal County is under not such legal obligation, yet they have established a Veterans Court to help Vets get through legal issues and back into society. They support Eagle 1 a Veterans Outreach Bus that travels the County to give Vets a place to talk to services officer and get the help they need. The State is obligated to the National Guard, yet they have established the Department Veteran Services and offer a wide variety to assistance they don’t have to do. Ever hear of Homes for Hero’s? Local charities support Veterans. The Pinal County Stand-down. I can go on.

As Veteran I was amazed to read Mr. Blewitt’s letter and how he dismissed what services and support are available. A couple of phone calls would not have been out of line to find out what’s available. I will say again that Apache Junction has gone over and about to support the Veteran population. As Veteran I know that not all services offered are required and I certainly appreciate the folks that work to provide the service. I suggest rather than complain about what someone thinks isn’t available, how about you appreciate what’s available and work to establish some other program that might help. Governments are restricted in what they can and can’t do and some find other ways to help. Be a part of a solution, don’t be part of the problem. These programs are designed to give a hand up, not a hand out.

Dave Waldron, Apache Junction

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