A broken heart. A scattered land. A time of worthless rhetoric, 2019. A nation in mourning, over the events of mass shootings in El Paso, my mother’s birthplace, and Dayton, reels in anguish, once again. In the seemingly endless string of senseless acts of violence, we pause to remember the latest victims of this modern day ‘domestic war’. But, who are the players in this conflict, which seems to have no end? The aggressors are invisible predators who strike with cowardly regularity, and the targets, are us. Yes, in this battlefield, there are no noble causes, or admirable end games. This war, is between innocent people going about their daily lives, and dark predators. But who are these predators? They are misguided, dark souls who have believed that theirs, is a mission to be fulfilled. They come from the shadows, fully armed. But, theirs is not the honorable battle array of a brave soldier. No, they wear the blackened coats of cowards, driven by hate. They have come to believe lies spewed by ignorance, intolerance, and fear. This is no wartime battle, but the carrying out of marching orders by those who fear all they do not know, or care to know. So what is the answer, my friend? Mine is to refuse to live in fear of those who would have me quieted, because of their fear, of me.

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