From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, here are the Washington Post figures for COVID deaths and cases:

World: 1,273,794 cases April 5; 1,792,899 cases April 12 — 69,419 deaths April 5; 110,042 deaths April 12

US 337,274 cases April 5; 530,006 cases April 12 — 9,633 deaths April 5, 20,608 deaths April 12

Arizona 2,486 cases April 5; 3,393 cases April 12 — 64 deaths April 5; 108 deaths April 12.

In just one week COVID-19 increased this much. Consider if next week’s figures go up this much, and the next week’s. That’s what exponential growth means. The US could have more than 160,000 deaths by May 3 if this rate continues. Arizona could be at around 355 deaths by May 3. Our friends and family and neighbors dead. Not you yourself, of course.

As long as the figures have not leveled off, it is no time to end “stay at home.”

And these are just the cases that have been tested and confirmed, not all the deaths at home or those that were classified as due to one of the person’s underlying conditions, not the COVID-19 that actually caused the death. These figures are all likely to be vastly under-reported.

Much as it is vital to get back to work, to school, to shopping, to enjoying all our favorite past times - not yet. We’re all in this together. Stay home.

Carol Schmidt, Apache Junction

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