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The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News is your local source for the news that affects your everyday life.

We are locally owned, locally reported and trusted by the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon communities.

The business was originally inspired by a desire to give the residents of Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and the surrounding area the local news in a way that celebrates the good news and accomplishments of community members, as well as informing citizens about local news and issues. More than twenty years later, we hold fast to that ideal.

We encourage informed debate about local issues – and the broader issues that affect us locally. We share information about local events so neighbors can come together. We write about individual, organizational and community successes, because our town needs to celebrate our successes. We delight in holding up a mirror that reflects the unique personality of our proud, passionate, warm and often feisty community…

Because we don’t just serve the community; we are your neighbors. We shop the same places, pay the same taxes and live with the results of the same ballots and elections. 

When our advertisers pay their bills, their money flows back into the community as we, in turn pay ours. 

We Are AJ.

Strong newspapers help build strong communities, and we strive to make both the newspaper and the community – our community – strong.

Find us in your driveway, at local news stands, or online at www.ajnews.com. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Your Neighbors; Your News. The Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News.


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