Mimi Judah and Gloria Brancaccio

March 2020 Fitness Instructors of the Month: Mimi Judah (left) and Gloria Brancaccio (right)

Parks and Recreation offers a variety of group fitness classes at the Multi-Generational Center (MGC). Classes are included in a membership or with daily drop-in fee. Each month, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of our instructors. This month, meet Mimi Judah and Gloria Brancaccio.

As a retired Physical Education teacher, Mimi Judah believes that continuing to challenge your body with strength training and cardiovascular conditioning is vital to living a healthy, active life. She lives out what she teaches, enjoying over 60 years of health. Paddle boarding, surfing, racquet sports, biking, hiking and fly fishing are just a few things of the things Mimi actively loves to do, and can, because she continues to push herself to stay fit. It is her passion to help her participants do the same! Mimi teaches classes that focus on strength training and cardiovascular conditioning in a fun and unique way on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Gloria Brancaccio began her fitness teaching career in 2014. She is certified and licensed to teach as a Group Exercise Instructor in various formats, and she holds a Personal Trainer certification. Gloria’s teaching style is fun and easy-going, making it easy for everyone to enjoy getting a workout. She understands the challenges of physical limitations and disease management, as well as losing and maintaining weight loss, having successfully lost 90+ pounds herself. Gloria is passionate about staying healthy and active and desires to impart some of that to her clients. She enjoys bike riding, swimming, camping, road trips, cruising, laughing, naps, healthy cooking (and eating!), good coffee, and reading. You can find Gloria on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MGC teaching SilverSneakers classes. She also teaches water exercise at Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center during the summer months.

A full schedule of group fitness classes and their descriptions can be found at www.ajcity.net/fitness or picked up at the MGC located at 1035 N. Idaho Road, Apache Junction.

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